Sbcglobal Email Login-

You can now use the yahoo mail service at to log in to your SBCGlobal account. You might be wondering what this new arrangement is. Well, mail is now a part of mail. And the mail, in turn, needs to be accessed through Yahoo. All these changes is due to a partnership forged between the Internet Services wing of AT&T and Yahoo. This is why when you key in SBCGlobal now; you are redirected to the Yahoo mail service at So once you’re there at the login page, you need to enter your AT&T ID/email along with your password to be able to log in.


SBCGlobal, AT&T and Yahoo Mail and Their Relationship

The relationship between these three companies can be slightly confusing as long as you don’t have an understanding. So let us help you make things simpler. SBCGlobal has, since 2005, become only SBC (Southwestern Bell Company). It was during this year that SBC acquired AT&T and decided to stick with the AT&T brand name since they were better known; thus, SBC became AT&T.

But before all this happened, there were people already using the legacy SBCGlobal email service. So SBC put all their legacy customers on the AT&T Yahoo! Service. All this happened before AT&T cut off ties with Google, sometime in January of 2008, which resulted in a mass migration of all its webmail clients over to the Yahoo platform. So this is why SBCGlobal account holders now have to log in to their accounts through Yahoo’s


So How do You Log In to The SBCGlobal.Net Email Now?


Follow these simple steps:

  • Visit net or the Yahoo Mail login page and click sign in
  • Enter your AT&T email ID along with the password
  • Click sign in and you’ll have access to your account.

Just make sure that you have your SBCGlobal login details handy.


How to Reset Password?

In the event you forget your login, you can follow the steps mentioned below.

Just before you start; please have your Member ID (aka AT&T access ID), internet username and phone number handy.

  1. Visit the official net page
  2. Click “Mail” at the top left of the screen
  3. On the following login screen, click Forgot Password?
  4. Enter personal details (mentioned above)
  5. A password reset screen opens up. This is where you create a new password for your email account
  6. Click “submit” and you’re good to go.

You are obviously aware that you are required to change your password frequently to keep your account safe and secured. Better still, SBCGlobal will automatically block your ID the moment it sees that an unknown person is accessing it. And in every such instances, you will be required to setup a new password as the old one will be blocked for good.


Updating Email Server Settings

Now that you’ve understood how to access your account; let us turn our attention to its email server settings. The SBCGlobal email is one, amongst many, of the email domains that is being offered by AT&T; others are,,,, etc. When it comes to email server settings, it is important to note that for each of these AT&T email domains; there’s an SMTP Sever/Port setting and a POP Server/Port setting along with a POP3 user ID/username setting with all email services falling in the POP3 protocol. These are just good-to-know things for you. Our focus will; however, be on the SBCGlobal email server settings.

Before we start, it’s (imperative) that you know the following:

Email server domain setting –

  • POP Server/Port Setting – (995 is the Port)]
  • SMTP Server/Port Setting – (465 is the Port)
  • POP3 User ID/

Note: All email domains under AT&T (including requires an SSL. And the protocol type applicable for SBCGlobal is POP3.


Setting Up Account on Outlook 2013

sbcglobal emial outlook

  1. Open Outlook 2013
  1. Select File and then Account Settings and then email account
  1. Go to the Internet Email Settings and verify that POP3/IMAP is selected. Also, ensure that you have entered the correct User Name and Password
  1. If it’s a POP3 account, you need to enter to set up the incoming mail server. For outgoing mail server; use
  1. If it’s an IMAP account, use these settings — Incoming mail server: | Outgoing mail server:
  1. Click More Settings and then the Outgoing Server tab
  1. Do the following:
  • Select “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication”
  • Select “Use same settings as my incoming mail server”
  1. Click the Advanced tab
  1. Confirm the following:
  • For the Incoming server (POP3) accounts, the port is 995. Also, make sure that “This server requires a secure connection (SSL)” is selected. For the Outgoing server (SMTP), the port is 465
  • For the Incoming server (IMAP), the port is 993. Here, you have to check “This server requires a secure connection (SSL).” The Outgoing server (SMTP) port is either 465 or 587.
  1. Click Ok
  1. Click Next on the Internet E-mail Settings screen
  1. Click Finish.

This is the settings as far as the Outlook 2013 goes. But if you use Outlook of a different version or if you use Mac OS X Mail or any other email client; please click here and select the relevant “Software” from the drop-down menu and you’ll be able to access your desired settings.


How to set up Account on Your Smartphone


Now if you want to set up your SBCGlobal Account on your smartphone, simply open the email app on your smartphone and tap “Accounts” and then “Add Account.” Now go to “email” and enter your username and password. This should automatically set up your account but, for whatever reason, if the set up does not go smoothly; you can do it manually by entering your email address and password and then tapping on “manual setup.” You can then follow these steps:
Sever Type: POP3

  1. Enter username and password
  1. POP3 server to be entered:
  1. Enter 995 as the Port number and tap “next”
  1. In the SMTP server, enter “
  1. Enter 465 as the port number
  1. Enter username and password and tap “next.”


While you do all of these, please make sure that you select the “secure connection option.”

It’s imperative that you save the settings (mentioned below) somewhere since it applies to all kinds of SBC Yahoo set up on your smartphone

  • Incoming server (POP):
  • Outgoing server (SMTP): (will require authentication)
  • Incoming mail server: POP3
  • Incoming mail port: 995. Select the option ‘use secure connection’
  • Outgoing mail port: 465. Select the option ‘use secure connection’ again.


Accessing Your Email Settings

Get in to your inbox and you should be able to see the gear-menu in the top-right section. If you click on it, you will have access to your account settings, themes, etc. Through this, you can also view account help, privacy and legal information of your account. If you select the “Settings” option inside the gear menu, you can do one or many of the following:

  • Create an automatic out-of-office response (aka vacation response)
  • Add signatures to your email
  • Create filters for your emails
  • Easily switch back and forth between full-featured mail and basic mail
  • Block spam or unwanted emails
  • You can also access your Messenger settings.



There’s also the AT&T official app available for download from the Google Play Store. This one-of-a-kind app offers a great mobile-email experience. Install this app on your android device; sign in with your login details; and get 1TB instantly as free space. What’s more, you also get Flickr themes to personalize your inbox; and this theme automatically syncs with all your devices.

If we are to talk about the app’s features; you can access and switch between all your AT&T and Yahoo accounts within one app. There’s an email alert so that you don’t miss on a single email and you can simply attach files and photos while you compose emails. It also has a great search option so that you don’t have to go through all your mails to locate one particular email; just use its full-featured search option.

And that’s not it; you can also access apps like AT&T Live, AT&T Visual Voicemail and AT&T U-verse from the sidebar menu of this app itself. Very interestingly, you can also select multiple emails at once and bulk-sort them through this app.

There has already been more than 10 million installation of this app… so people are surely loving it.




Along your journey with, you are bound to come across problems. And to make sure that you are not lost in the wilderness; AT&T Email Support is there to hold your hand and walk you through all the problems you may face with your account.

AT&T Email Support will assist you on topics as minor as sending emails; to complicated stuffs like security (in the event your account is hacked). Email Support covers everything from account set up and password change to cancelling an account and granting primary/secondary access to the account. You name it; they have it. They are there to walk with you in baby-steps and see you through complicated problems that your account might come across.

They have a great response time and this email support is for all the domains under the AT&T tag. You can click here and see for yourself, how simple and easy their different categories of troubleshooting are.