Fixing Problems Sending Email Through SBCGlogal-Windows to Mac/Mac to Windows

A lot of users, who migrate from Apple Macbooks to Windows PCs (or vice versa), are unable to send emails. They are all clueless about the reason behind this. In this post we will discuss what the problem was and what the solution is. mail is one of the most popular email service provider in the world. The problem arises from the fact that Mac users who had migrated to Windows, were still trying to use the SBCGlobal email service on a configuration that was designed for Mac. The reverse thing happened for users who migrated from Windows to Mac.

SBCGlobal Webmail Mac

How to migrated Windows to Mac?

So all these new Windows users were suddenly unable to send emails and people found out that the problem lied with the account itself. No amount of troubleshooting or rebooting seemed to help until they removed the account from the email client and set it up all over again.

A few simple – but extremely critical – changes were required. They are:

  • The new Incoming mail server was instead of the earlier
  • Outgoing mail server was to become net from the earlier
  • And the new Port was 993 instead of the old 995.

SBCGlobal Webmail windows


How to migrated Mac to Windows?

In Apple’s case; with the upgrade of their OS to Mac OS X Lion, their email program had become so simple and user friendly that even Microsoft Outlook looked a little complicated in comparison. The email program on Apple is so sophisticated that it would pull out all the information related to your email account on its own; information concerning POP, IMAP, SMTP Server, Port, and everything else it needs to set up your account.

So if you see that your login is not working properly on your Mac; you’d simply delete the account and set it up all over again. Apple’s sophisticated email program will figure out all the configurations on its own. You could simply start reusing your SBCGlobal email again. But, for whatever reason, if you continue to face problem; you can always take help from the SBCGlobal Support Center.

In all likelihood, users ignored the instructions that were sent to them via a bulk email notification by AT&T.